Best Place to Visit Elephant – Hurulu Eco Park Habarana – Sri Lanka

Hurulu Forest Reserve is located in the Habarana area, 20 km north of the Sigiriya Rock in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. The entrance to this reserve is near the Habarana railway station on the Habarana-Trincomalee road. This reserve was designated as a Biosphere Reserve in 1977. This reserve is an evergreen forest in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. There are many other protected areas around this Hurulu Forest Reserve. These include Ritigala Medicinal Forest, Minneriya National Park, Giritale and Mahaweli Natural Plains Reserve, Wasgamuwa National Park and Kahalla Pallekele Sanctuary.

The most popular animal in this reserve is the Sri Lankan Elephant. Once the reservoirs in the Minneriya National Park are full, the elephants migrate to the herring park as it is difficult for them to live there. Once the dry season arrives, the elephants begin to migrate back to their usual habitat. Due to these reserves, there are no restrictions on the movement of wildlife through the parks.

Wild Elephants in Hurulu Eco Park – Sri Lanka

Wild Elephants in Minneriya Park – Sri Lanka

In addition to elephants, the reserve is home to a number of bird species including Indian star tortoises, Sri Lankan grey parrots, Sri Lankan leopards and wild cats. Many of those animals are now threatened with extinction. The large plants around the reserve such as Sinhala Satin, Palu and Kaluwara add another value to the reserve. The reserve is dry for about six months from April to May to September of the year and receives about 1600 mm of rain for another six months.

The Hurulu Forest Reserve is gaining popularity due to the rapid increase in the number of local and foreign tourists visiting Sri Lankan Elephants for Jeep Safaris. Throughout the reserve, Sri Lankan wild elephants can be seen in small and large herds very closely during the dry season. More than 200 safari jeeps visit the reserve daily to see the Sri Lankan elephant.

Jeep Safari in Hurulu Eco Park – Sri Lanka


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