Do you know the meaning of these dreams?

Seeing a finger cut and bleeding in dreams makes you a good boyfriend / girlfriend.

Dreaming of pigeons, parrots, coyotes, etc., brings a happy end to the sad life of the past.

In your dream Seeing the ladder go up and gaining positions is profitable with profits

Wealth gains with the joy of seeing a rainbow shine in dreams.

Seeing a child born in dream brings happiness to life.

Seeing his face swollen in the dream gives him many pleasures. Marriage with a beautiful woman/man is permanent.

The sight of camels in dream brings the joy of wealth,

The sight of sugarcane in dream makes the object cheap and reputable.

Seeing lice on their heads in dreams is a sign of superiority and appreciation. Enemies are defeated, and pleasures are gained.

When you see anointing your head in a dream, you are overjoyed.

 Happiness gets richer when you see the cocoons.

Seeing in dreams, wearing a beautiful Hat leads to longevity

Seeing heaven wandering brings longevity, wisdom, and glory.

Seeing cued in dreams makes a positive profit.

Seeing the train travels in dreams brings the arrival of a long-distance friend, a source of joy.

Seeing gods such as Vishnu and Ishvara god brings happy and prosperous fame.

Seeing the worship of God in dream brings wealth and happiness

Seeing a pomegranate in dreams is a pleasure.

Seeing an angel in dreams brings happiness with fame.

Seeing teachers in dreams improves business.

Dreaming of a mango brings positive benefits.

Seeing Flower gardens in dreams receive high honors.

It is a great treasure to see a tiger chasing behind you.

Glory is gained by seeing a goat give to God

Seeing the crown in dream gives you high positions. You get jobs.

If you see a crowned princess or an island girl in dreams, you will get high positions.

When you see a forest in dream, you are happy with the object

Good for you when you see your body wash in dream.

Seeing themselves sold as a slave brings with them wealth and wealth.

Wealth is the object of fame when one sees wine drinking in a dream.

Seeing a child smile in dream brings special joy after grief.

Seeing a crying baby in dream fulfills expectations.

Seeing a kneeling child in dreams leads to future improvements.

Seeing children playing in dreams gives rise to economic conditions.

He enlists the help of a wealthy friend who saw a small child die.

Reading with a young woman in dream leads to job promotions.

Seeing a married woman in dream will brings a lucky time.

There is good news when you see a pregnant woman in dream.

Seeing a beautiful woman in dream brings joy, happiness, wealth and luck.

Seeing a prostitute in dream brings rich grain resources.

It is a joy to see a group of women in dream.

Seeing a crowded park in dreams helps a friend.

Seeing a garden with a small bush in dream makes the marriage successful.

Seeing roses in dream brings happiness and luck.

Seeing red lotus flowers in dream fulfills wedding expectations.

Seeing white lilies in dream helps with neighborhood.

Seeing blue lilies in dreams brings hereditary wealth.

It is a pleasure to see red flowers in dreams.

Seeing very small flowers in dreams gives unexpected help.

Seeing bouquets is like marrying someone from a very high family.

Seeing the applause, a friend in dreams you can hopes for help.

Seeing a car in dream is economic growth.

When you see a cart going in dream, your attempt succeeds.

The pleasure of seeing a policeman in dream is fully secured.


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