“Ayubowan” is a traditional word of greeting in Sri Lanka. It is generally done by joing ones hands in a prayer like manner. According to the Sinhala language, by saying “Ayubowan”, you bless someone a long life.    ‘Ayobowan life’ is a remarkable platform where you can find a great deal of valuable information on the things which are familiar to your everyday life such as nature, technology, travelling, photography, health and food.

Who we are

We have well experienced, independent writers from Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States. They write what they love and what they have experienced.  They always aim to bring you the best and coolest things  in a creative, informative way by doing so much reading and research to make your life smarter, easier and adventurous.      

What we do

It could either be about the latest phone or laptop you are considering to buy, a convenient camera for your newly pursued career in photography, what you should do to stay fit and lose weight, why some foods should be eaten daily and some shouldn’t, what foods might help you increase your iron levels and stay healthy, ways to control your anger and what could be done to maintain your spiritual well being or even where to travel and what to do in your next vacation! Whatever it is, we always try to provide you with the most relevant, accurate information through non-lengthy, creative  articles. We think it’s a privilege to have writers from different parts of the world so that we can build a huge pool of various kinds of ideas, experiences and perspectives to match your needs.      

Why we are

We always believe that knowledge is the key for progression, development and self-growth. And we also believe that knowledge is something to be shared, not hoarded. That’s why it’s been our goal to enlighten you on the things that’s familiar to your life and that might affect the quality and well-being of your life.   

So, let’s spread love, kindness, knowledge and positivity everywhere !

All the best and Ayubowan!

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