Review : Top 5 OLYMPUS Cameras for 2021

close up photo of an analogue camera

The Olympus Company coming from year 1919, were specialized in Medical Equipment at the beginning. They followed up with few diversions and showed importance to industrial equipment, scientific equipment and a little more to Cameras. Olympus Cameras ‘a pack of powerful punch’ has an array of features and controls, also perfected with vast range of cameras from expert mirrorless to gritty adventure. These formidable imaging machines, suits for one and all from novices to professionals in both stills and videos.

Olympus is an iconic brand consolidated by its classical style, pristine image quality and virtuous compact design. Every Olympus is innovated to deliver the excellence and sees its philosophies are consistent and focused on one thing, that is YOU!! confirming the slogan “Your Vision Our Future”. Let’s talk about the best 5 of them.


Busy photographers will love the Olympus OM-D E-M IX, since of its excellent performance and enhanced functionalities are designed to meet their requirement. To contest the ambition of a pro-sports and action photographers it is originated to be sturdy, long lasting, fast and professional. The high level of AF performance and its speedy burst shooting, along with its array of novel trend and features support the diligent of professional photography.

The Olympus OM-D E-MIXs’ new pro-grade body and the re-engineered, inside and out, tears the rule book. Olympus is proud to announce the first Micro Four Thirds camera “E-MIX” with a coherent vertical grip that makes an ergonomic one for all.


If you are looking for a lightweight and handy camera then it is Olympus Mark III, since it takes your work to new heights. It’s “TruePic IX Processor” drives this compact machine with classy image quality, sparkling color and absolute sharpness. If you’ll carry this world’s most portable camera system combined with M.Zuiko lenses for sure this device will propel your work to exciting new places.

To enjoy handheld shootings in freedom, the world- leading “5-Axis Sync IS” helps to capture penetrating stills and videos. Olympus OM-D E-M1 MARK III is skillfully crafted to conquer the world’s eminent images even if the shooting is at a challenging situation.


The E-M4 MARK III is an amazingly compact, lightweight camera packed with exorbitant performance to deliver bona fide shooting in a smooth way. It’s dustproof, waterproof and freezeproof features are designed for arduous environment shootings. Equipped with high caliber On-Chip phase detection AF, the M5 MARK III is capable of performing in par with the high-end models of the rivals.

This elegant machine has some exceptional basic performances such as 1/8000 second high-speed mechanical shutter and high efficiency dust curtailing system. If your DNA is seeking for adventure at the most remote destination in the earth, then the E-M5 MARK III will make your photography a passionate.


The ageless design and the first-class materials used in PEN F the so called “beauty of the beast” is a modern piece of craftsmanship. With a blend of the latest digital technologies namely the 20M Live MOS Sensor and powerful in-body (5-Axis), is the PEN F camera resulted with. The high-definition OLED Viewfinder the first in a PEN, will assist to change the way you enjoy photography.

Its cutting-edge technology LCD monitor let users to frame Live View Shots from different angles. With Olympus’ novel features, Shake Stop and Take Eight creates the image quality an amazing factor. For a shooter who performance oriented and style conscious, then PEN F is ideal. To achieve the goal of a photographer, who takes pictures in his own style the Olympus PEN F is defined as a pillar for it.


The E-M10 MARK IV the world-leading portable camera, could be carried along easily anywhere and capture picturesque shots. This compact camera while capturing bright, sharp stills and video, frees you to do your shooting to the crème de la crème. Its 5 Axis IS with the foolproof technology, eliminates blur and instantly promotes your photography. The E-m10 reels off a dazzling 15 frames per second to capture speedy in-motion action and acute scenes with sequential shooting in ease.

The design of Olympus OM-D E-M10 MARK IV is exciting and facile to take selfies with single hand. When you own one you will see how the MARK IV will grow with you and be the ultimate partner for your adventures

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