07 Reasons Why You Should Visit Vietnam for Your Next Vacation in 2021

woman wearing straw hat in the middle of road

Vietnam, the 15th most populous country in the world is an incredible mixture of natural beauty and cultural diversity. Including winding mountains with jagged peaks, heavenly beaches, places to admire wildlife, verdant paddy fields, impressive architecture, and long preserved history, we can say Vietnam is a pretty underrated traveling destination in Asia. You can spend weeks in Vietnam and still have places left unattended. So, we made a list of the absolute best in this fascinating country for you to visit. We hope some of these could inspire your itinerary.

01.Golden bridge.

This 150m long bridge is located in the Bà Nà Hills resort, near Da Nang, Vietnam. It’s a newly built tourist attraction designed to connect the cable car station with the gardens. This unique structure with two giant hands holding up the bridge was opened to the public in 2018 and since then, it has become a viral tourist temptation in Vietnam.

02. Halong Bay.

You can’t miss Halong Bay when it comes to Vietnamese tourism. This isn’t just an amazing site with massive limestone cliffs and abundant greenery, it’s also one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in the country. You can take a boat ride to travel around the bay or stay overnight at Cat Ba Island to explore more of the archipelago.

03. SaPa.

SaPa is a small mountain town situated in Lao Cai province. The valley is popular for its picturesque rice fields and trekking trails. You can bike, hike with a help of a local guide or stay with a local family where you will be warmly welcomed and provided with local Vietnamese cuisine. SaPa is the home to several ethnic tribes, therefore you will also get the chance to learn more about their interesting culture and tribal traditions. Although SaPa was known to be more tranquil before the tourism boom, it still has many reasons worth visiting.

04. Hoi An.

If you are only staying in Vietnam for a short period, make Hoi An one of the few places you decide to visit. It’s a fishing village and an international port since the 16th century where  Japanese and Chinese merchants used to come for local silks. The beautiful Japanese Bridge,  the Assembly Hall of the Fujian Chinese Congregation, other numerous small pagodas and museums are some of the places to visit there.

The ancient buildings of the town create an extremely gorgeous scenery when lightened up by the lanterns at night. Hoi An is also famous for the skillful tailors who make the best quality suits and dresses for very reasonable prices.

05. Mui Ne.

Mui Ne is a calm, peaceful fishing village with a beautiful coastline and huge sand dunes. Due to the strong sea breeze, windsurfing, sailing, and kitesurfing have become quite popular in Mui Ne. You can also watch the beautiful sunrise, pick a spot on the beach and relax all day long or go sandboarding, quad biking, sand-sledding, or rent dune buggies if you seek more adrenaline-charged experiences.

06. Cu Chi Tunnels.

This a very unique experience any traveler could get and it’s certainly not for claustrophobics. It’s a 250km long extensive tunnel network in Ho Chi Minh City, that was built during the Vietnamese War. Viet Cong soldiers used them for hiding and as the communication and supply routes during the combat. You should get a guide to take you through the narrow confined passages and at some point, you may even find yourself crawling on your hands and knees too!

07. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

This is a UNESCO world heritage site located in the Central Coast region of Vietnam. It’s famous for ancient limestone karsts and a vast network of caves, some of which are even big enough for boats. The most popular one within the park, the “ Paradise Cave” extends for a tremendous 31kilometers below the ground. Other than that, the park has a rich, unspoiled wildlife, underground rivers and numerous opportunities to hike, bike or paddle.

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