Best things to do at the ‘Garden Isle’ Kauai, Hawaii

woman in pink and white bikini lying on pink surfboard on water

Kauai is the second oldest and the fourth largest of the main Hawaiian Islands. If you are looking for a holiday destination which could pass for the definition of a “paradise”, you may find a few, and the Hawaiian island of Kauai will undoubtedly receive a top rank among them. It’s also known as the “Garden Isle” and once you go there, you will know why. Therefore, to help you check off the essentials in your travel bucket list, we made a list of thing to do at this magical island.

01.Go hiking on Waimea Canyon.

Nicknamed “ The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, this stretches upto 14 miles in length, 1 mile in width and more than 3000ft in depth.  It’s red soil, azure waterfalls, streams, verdant jungles and black volcanic rock paints a divinely colourful scene for the people who often come there for sightseeing and hiking.

02. Kayak at Wailua Falls.

Wailua falls, having 2 drops, falls at a height of 84ft. According to the legend, ancient chiefs of Hawaii had to jump off the top of this waterfall to prove their strength and courage. However, you might want a travel guide to get a unique kayaking and hiking experience. First, you will be taken down the sacred Wailua river while providing information on the unique plants and ancient temples along the way. Then you will have to hike about a mile to the base of Wailua Falls and then take a dip in the pool while admiring the natural beauty that surrounds you.

03. Snorkeling at Na Pali Coast.

Na Pali Coast is located in a remote area of Kauai, with steep cliffs, mountains with lush vegetation,caves, waterfalls and hidden beaches. The best way to explore the area is by water or air. Since this is among the most inaccessible parts in Kauai, walking could be quite laborious unless you are an experienced hiker. Therefore surfing, snorkeling or taking a boat ride would provide amazing views of the shoreline, impressive cliffs, corals and fish. Or, you can hover over the area in a helicopter. It’s a bit pricier way to get an epic vantage point.

04.  Enjoy the serenity in Hanalei.

Hanalei is a small village with a very few population and an area of less than 2 square kilometers.  Therefore it’s perfect for someone who seeks to spend a more relaxed leisurely time in Kauai. The old Waioli Huila Church, the Waioli Mission House, the beautiful beach, Hanalei river, the historic Hanalei pier, sugar cane and taro fields are some of the places you might want to visit there. Or you could just simply go fishing, swimming and enjoy the gorgeous sunset while playing music with the locals at Hanalei Bay.

05. Beach camping at Polihale State Park.

It’s a bit challenging to access this beach and you might want a four wheel drive (rental cars aren’t allowed) to beat the rough 5 mile road. But it’s the ideal beach if you are looking for a less crowded one. The currents here are so strong that it could be extremely dangerous to swim without lifeguards. This remote beach has towering sand dunes which sometimes reach upto 100 ft. Nevertheless this is best known as a good camping and fishing location.

06. Spend a day among the locals at Kapa’a.

This is a small village which began as a plantation village and now popular among tourists for its local shops and restaurants. You can explore a series of ethnic villages that represent different cultures of Kauai’s various immigrants, cultivated vegetation, shop at local boutiques, dine at fine restaurants and cafes or even take a narrated tram tour.


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