Important Tips You Need To Know About Depression.

Today death due to suicide has taken a high rate in the world. The decision to take their own life could be the result of fighting with themselves for a long time emotionally, either way suffering from depression for a long period.

In medical terms depression is an illness that makes changes in a person’s perspective about life, thoughts negatively. It can make a huge impact on a person’s life and eventually make drastic decisions to take life on their own.

As depression is a result of many incidents, personnel experiences faced for a long time. It can not determine the exact reasons for the depression as factors can change a person to another as for their mental capacity. The most common reasons which lead to depression are,

  1. Physical and emotional abuse

If a person becomes a constant target of abuse it can make a huge impact on their social life and behavior towards the others. And tends to isolate themself from others as fear of getting themself hurt is more likely to get depression in later life.

2. Family History

Sometimes depression can be genetic. If someone in the family suffer from depression they’re a slight chance of getting into depression.

3. Childhood Trauma

If someone has bad experiences as a kid or troubled childhood they are at high risk of getting into depression at adulthood.

4. Long term medication

Suffering from illness for the long term may lead to depression.


When we are unable to cope with the loss of someone very close to us can also make a huge impact which eventually can lead to depression.

There can be many more reasons which can lead someone to depression such as conflicts in a relationship, financial problems, or even work stress. Depression is not always visible, but certain observations can help to identify the situation.

Someone with this situation can feel a lack of self-interest, they tend to see themself as a burden, isolating themself from others, Too much sleep or less sleep, loss of appetite, less cheerfulness, and so on. Some may even express how hopeless they feel, even actively aggressive towards the others, withdrawing themself from daily engagements, find it hard to concentrate on work, mood swinging.

According to the behavioral pattern, Observations have made there are nine different types of depression.

●      Major Depressive disorder

●      Persistent depressive disorder

●      Bipolar disorder

●      Depressive psychosis

●      Perinatal depression

●      Premenstrual dysphoric disorder

●      Seasonal depression

●      Situational depression

●      Atypical depression

Most of the above have a lot of similar symptoms. Some situations can be worsened than the other. The awareness of the condition is much important and useful as someone you love may suffer silently. With proper medication and therapeutic sessions, you overcome the depression. Sometimes you need to express how you feel and take support from your loved one. As for any other illnesses, physical fitness activities also can make a positive impact on your mental health.

By Sash Fonseka


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