10 Most Important Lesson We Can Learn From Children

Sometimes the best time we can get is the time we spend with children. They give us the best moments we can cherish for the rest of our lives. They are keen about everything to happen around, creative, they eager to learn things and so on. As adults, we try to teach, guide them to be a better person but there are certain things we can learn from them as well.

Learn from child and be passionate about yourself,

1.     Embrace the Moment to Fullest

  Children’s are living at the moment. Rather than regretting what happen yesterday or worry thinking about what will happen tomorrow, they enjoy the moment they have now. Regretting over and over about the past and constantly worrying about the future may take away our present moment. It’s important to work towards achieving the future but at the same time have maintained proper balance in between. If moment will soon add to the past we may regret because miss that moment can never have it back. And the future is something unpredictable. So cherished the moment while we can before it’s too late.

2.     Do what you Love.

     They always do what they love. What they found amusing or entertainment. They don’t even bother to pay attention if they find it boring. If we don’t enjoy the work we do, in long run this will make drain all our energy and lack of interest can make it more stressful. Do what you passionate about and it will bring more positive energy in you.

3.     Express your feeling do not hold back

            Children always speak their mind. It does not concern them about others opinion. If upset they would cry and express their anger or sadness. If they like something or need support. They do not hesitate to seek help and they know that they should ask if there is something they need. Then why don’t we?

4.     Try despite all failures

         Imagine a toddler who is trying to walk for the first time. How many times they fall before they actually walk, but the fall didn’t stop them from walking. They keep trying until they achieved it. Neither they doubt their abilities nor consider failing again. They keep trying until they finally achieved it.  It doesn’t happen in a day or two. This is an important lesson we can learn from them because we tend to give up on work we do or life if it does not work the way we expected. Instead of giving up try new methods, open up for new opportunities or make changes in lifestyle. Take a risk to make changes necessary

5.     Things yet to be explored

             For a child, every moment is an opportunity to learn to develop. They find amusement in every little thing they come across and eager to experience them.  It can be a place, food or new sport. They are fearless to try. If we make some time there a lot of things yet to explore. Be spontaneous, try new sports/ games develop new life skill. You will never be disappointed.

6.     Building the relationship

             The way they make a connection with their loved one is amazing. The way they nurture the relationship, the way they show their love is so pure. They always thrilled to meet new people, to be surrounded by their loved ones. It’s something we lost when we get older. With our busy lives we get disconnect with people we love, we forget how important to nurture the relationship. Make time for them and make new connections

7.     Happiness is non-materialistic

       Nothing can bring joy to them than being loved and cuddling with parents.  They are more interest to connect with elders or friends than playing with toys. Love and care can make us happier more than material possessions we have.  Love yourself happiness will come eventually.

8.     Be Positive

              In their view, the world is full of amusement, learning platform. They always see best in everything and positivity despite all negative things can happen. They believe the bright side of the world. If we can do the same life would be a better place. Try to see the bright side of the world and add positivity into the world.

9.     Do not hold the grudges

     Their nature of forgiving is very impressive. They do not hold grudges against the person. They just simply forgive them. That’s something we need to work on rather than revenging forgive them. By not hold into it we set ourselves free from the burden.

10.   Be Original

              Children are not afraid to be themselves, no matter what other people think.  That makes them unique. Be yourself then you can bring best in you.

By : Sash Fonseka


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