14 Best Foods for Diabetics – By Eating These Foods You Can Strongly Control Your Diabetes.

High blood sugar is the condition in where the level of insulin in the blood dropped which result in the increasing the level of glucose in the system. Insulin hormone is which help to extract the glucose and supply it into the other cells to use as energy for its functions. That is why the person feels fatigued or overly tired when the level of insulin dropped.

 Though this condition can control with medicine, Practicing of healthy dietary habit is best way to avoid or control the diabetic. There are certain foods which help to maintain the level of glucose intake.

1. Bitter gourd

            Bitter gourd content Polypeptide which is act as a natural insulin and helps to control the level of glucose.

2. Avocado

            Monounsaturated fats help accelerate insulin activism. As it slows down the digesting process of and controls the sugar level in blood by converting additional glucose into glycogen.  Avocado is enriched with monounsaturated.

3. Green Beans

            Taking the low glycemic index into the consideration beans are one of the best vegetables can be recommended to the high blood sugar patient.

4. Cauliflower

            Cauliflower is a good source of Protein, Vitamin C, Potassium, Fiber, Folate and many more, but cauliflower is a very low source of carbohydrate hence its ideal food to cope with high blood sugar.

5. Carrot

            Beta carotene is an antioxidant which abundantly contains in carrot. A diet rich with an antioxidant helps to reduce the sugar level hence adding carrot into the meal may help to control the high blood sugar.

6. Chicken

            Adding protein-rich foods and fewer carbohydrate foods may help to control High blood sugar. As a chicken, a good source of protein is also high in fats. This may depend on the chicken part and the way of cooking. For example, a chicken breast has fewer fats compare to other parts.

7. Fatty fish

            Adding fatty fishes like Sardine, salmon, mackerel can reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases by 40%.

8. Nuts

            There variety of nuts available in markets such as Almonds, Cashew and so on. These are rich with protein, vitamin, Magnesium, Folate. Due to heavy fiber composition on nuts cause the delay digesting process and helps control sugar level by delay in producing.

9. Oats meal.

            Oats meal is high and soluble fiber content so that make feels full and stay a bit longer without food. And also its high content of fiber and less glycemic index helps to regulate blood sugar.

10. Whole Grain Bread

            Researchers have found that the whole grain bread increase the sensitivity of insulin. And helps to regulate sugar level.

11. Sweet Potatoes

 Sweet potatoes contain 30% less sugar compared to potatoes. As it rich from fiber also help to reduce the cholesterol level by 40%. And also content high range of chlorogenic acid which work anti resistant to the insulin.

12. Eggs

            Higher the protein less glycemic value included in eggs helps to increase the sensitivity of insulin hormone.

13. Flax Seeds

            Flax seeds are rich in magnesium which help cells to get insulin required. Also, flaxseed usually mix along with milk and yogurt which are good source calcium and protein. Milk and yogurt also help to stop producing resistant agents to insulin.

14. Turmeric

            Turmeric contains a powerful antioxidant called curcumin which helps to reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases and impact on kidney caused by diabetics. It also helps control insulin resistance and regulate sugar level.


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  1. Cinnamon is the best thing out there, with it’s ability to maintain blood glucose levels. An informative post 🙌🙌

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