10 Tips To Help Minimise the Risk To You And Those Around You.- COVID-19

Managing the risk of COVID-19 with sensible social distancing precautions

01. Reconsider the need for Face  to Face meetings at office or any other locations . Use  teleconferencing or video conferencing

02. If face-to-face meetings are necessary at office . make them short and use a room large enough for people to sit one metre apart.

03. At the office, Do not visit other floors or other office buildings. This will minimise inter-floor and inter-office contacts.

04. If catching public transport. avoid peak hour commutes.

05. Avoid crowded areas at lunch. Do not make lunch appointments with colleagues from other Floors or buildings

06. Wash your hands regularly and properly with soap and water use hand sanitiser if soap, water are not available.

07.  if unwell do not go  to the office or public places. Seek medical care promptly. Follow the doctor’s advice and stay at Home.

08 . Avoid meeting family, friends or acquaintances who are unwell with flu-like symptoms.

09. Avoid leisure activities and places that put you at risk of contracting the virus

10. Postpone personal travel, get together or overseas visits . Do not put yourself, your loved ones or other at Risk.


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