If You See These Signs in Dreams, A Bad Will Happens To You

Seeing homicide  in dreams    – An unfortunate catastrophe causes disease.

Seeing Rats in dreams              – Disease, grief, loss of wealth

Seeing A buffalo  in dreams        – You will be Unhappy

Seeing Honey   in your dreams        -Brings wealth loss and disease.

Seeing Falling from a height in dreams -Great grief and damage to business.

Seeing dogs barking in dreams – Death or serious illness

Seeing dogs in dreams              – Accident, damage.

Seeing the head bowing on the ground is fraught with controversy.

Sickness and misfortune arise when one sees the drumming in dreams

Seeing beans in dreams causes skin diseases.

Seeing alcohol in dreams causes a sickening tragedy.

Seeing mudslides in dreams can lead to death or serious illness.

Seeing Mud on the face in dreams is a sign of death.

Seeing someone else die in dreams causes illness.

Seeing a wristwatch break can cause financial loss.

Seeing the darkness spread is distressing and confusing

It hurts to see them eating rice,

Seeing a dirty water bath brings a troubled time

Separation from wife by seeing an ambulance.

Seeing red and blue clothes in dreams will ruins one’s business, 

In your dreams, If you see that you fall from your seat deprives your of positions and privileges.

If you See going down on a ladder in dreams will result in loss of your positions.

Dreaming of a fracture will result in loss of wealth. You will hear of a friend’s tragedy.

The sadness of seeing a hawk is inherited.

In your dreams, Seeing the camels leave destroys the object and causes grief.

Seeing Drinking oil in dreams can cause illness.

It is very sad to see your tongue fall out. Someone Will die.

It is unfortunate to see children angry in dreams.

Going to a deserted island hurts his girlfriend.

Dreams of hawks cause hostile trouble.

Dreaming of lime is bad for children and wife.

Seeing cedar trees causes sudden illness.

Seeing pigs in a dream causes defeat and sudden disasters in litigation law.

Seeing a Viverricula, his wife opposes him.

Loss of trade income due to seeing electricity, torches, etc. causes sadness.

Seeing a torture chamber is a time of distress and suffering.

Sudden illness and death from seeing an ape

Seeing paperwork can lead to accidents.

Seeing a disease follow is a death or an illness.

Death is seen or seen on the backs of bears. Suffering has to be faced.

If poison happens in a dream, you will have to hear about sufferings and calamities.

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