Do You Also Suffer From Gastritis? A bit About Gastritis .. And How to Prevent it..

Acid reflux disease , also called Gastritis is another common disease in recent society. Gastritis is mainly due to the irregular and unhealthy eating habits that are prevalent in the society.

Gastritis is an inflammatory condition of the stomach. This condition is caused by gastric juice. The main function of the juices produced from the secretions of the stomach is to facilitate digestion. But when we do not eat for a long time, the gastric juices accumulate in the stomach and stay there for a long time. These gastric juices contain HCL and pepsin. Therefore, as this juice stays in the stomach for a long time, HCL damages its mucous membrane. That is, the mucus that is located as a protective layer on the stomach wall dissolves.

The HCL then stops attaching to the stomach wall causing an abnormality on its surface. It can also develop as a lesion called a peptic ulcer. It can extend not only to the surface wall but also to other layers. This is because the pepsin in the gastric juice dissolves the wall and binds to its nerves. That’s when we feel excessive inflammation in the abdomen. Helicobacter pylori is a bacterium that infects the stomach and makes it worse, so it takes a long time for the stomach to heal. This is called chronic gastritis. The bacterial infection also causes changes in its cells, which can lead to cancer.

In addition to severe inflammation of the abdomen, vomiting, feeling full after eating, and loss of appetite may be symptoms. This can be further confirmed by an endoscopy test, which involves sending a camera into the stomach to monitor the test. It also removes interstitial tissue and examines it.

To temporarily control this condition, the use of antacids such as Aluminium Hydroxide and Magnesium hydroxide can neutralize the acidity and reduce the amount of acidic juice produced in the gut.

Maintaining proper diet and exercise from the very beginning is also very important for good health. This is because stress can lead to an increase in HCL levels.


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